We celebrate the trailblazers that have paved the way for positive change, and have highlighted the endless benefits of the cannabis plant.

Our Vision:
To support our own grassroots cannabis culture in Australia, sharing awareness and actively promoting all aspects in the quest for cannabis law reform and justice. We're proud to say that Australia has a vibrant, colourful, passionate, and creative weed culture, but we have a long road to travel if we are to realise our vision of freedom and social acceptance for this super plant. Such is the result of decades of misinformation, scare campaigns, and government propaganda.

Join us and support our quest to help bring change in this global fight.

"LET IT GROW" - Red Sky Crew

Following in the footsteps of many noble eco-warriors, cannabis activists, and just all-round legends who have tirelessly campaigned to protect and honour our fundamental human rights.

From cultivators of this wondrous plant, extractors, knowledgeable medical experts, and hard core cannabis activists, it is these influential people from all over the world who inspire us to continue in their footsteps.

It is the collective efforts of these individuals, and cannabis communities who dare to stand up for their beliefs that have ultimately helped to set the foundation for a bright cannabis future that we all embrace today.